Travel Industry Breakthrough – Become a Xceltrip Ambassador



Be a part of the Travel Industry breakthrough! We are proud to bring you the first innovator to disrupt the large Travel industry. Using block chain technologies to eliminate the middle-men and extra costs associated with the travel industry. A new Company is here to change the way we Travel.  And lets us do it for less.

Xceltrip is a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system” in addition to being a full service Online Travel platform.  Finally, a platform built to change the way you travel.

The vision is to make services decentralized by empowering Travel Partners, like Hotels and consumers. And pass the savings from middlemen to our partners. No centralized control means no over-the-top transaction fees and no barriers for entry. Moreover, we allow small companies to compete with big players. Finally bringing innovation back into the industry.

A commitment has been made to make your travel experience seamless, fun and cost efficient.  Not only that, but Xceltrip adds the needed benefits of personalization and security. In addition, this travel industry breakthrough is using block chain in the most sensitive and challenging areas. Travel industry breakthroughTherefore, this is the most secure technology to safeguard your information. And, they have created a mobile app to provide travelers value-added services far beyond what is offered by competitors.


  • Hotels Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Experiential Holiday Packages
  • Social Travel Experiences, etc


BENEFITS of this Travel Industry Breakthrough

  • Access over a million rooms at the best properties and Best Rates.
  • Get world-class Travel Service and access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations.
  • Available help from online XcelTrip manager for your specific needs.
  • Use our mobile app and get a lot more than just booking hotels and airline tickets.


  • We offer the best prices to travelers and the lowest booking fee for vendors.
  • Our system is built on the block chain cryptic ledger. Therefore, this is the most trusted technology for data security.
  • In addition, the Xceltrip business is based on the distributed economic model. Therefore, it assures each business partner gets a piece of the economic pie, either through savings or directly earning.
  • Every Time You Travel You Earn! Yes! Check out our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP) program.


This is a business opportunity for anyone to join the Travel Industry.

Receive a RESIDUAL Income!



XcelTrip “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” is first of its kind marketing program promoting entrepreneurial spirit, where anyone can become XcelTrip IMP and earn income for life time.

IMP is based on the principle of “referral rewards”, in which, you can help list a hotel with XcelTrip and make the hotel as your listed vendor and earn money from future bookings.

You will not only be earning a percentage of the sales value every time someone books a room in your listed hotel one time, you will be earning for rest of your life.


  1. Register as an IMP
  2. Refer a Vendor
  3. Ensure Right Vendor Listing
  4. Drive Vendor Service Quality=Earn Sustainable Income


How an IMP can generate consistent revenue from her/his referred vendor:

  • As an XcelTrip IMP, you will also become business advisor for Vendor Partners. With access to our world-class marketing services tool kits(knowledge base), you will be able to help your listed hotels to better customer service, higher customer value and enhanced guest travel experience.
  • When a vendor offers better customer service, the sales revenue will grow by increasing booking, which will end up with more money in your pocket.
  •  Partner with vendor partner to define customer service standards, offer advice on how to manage customer Issues.
  • You will act as XcelTrip brand ambassador; you represent our company in your community and drive its brand value.


Come join us in this Incredible Travelutionary (Travel-revolutionary ) journey. Become our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or a Vendor Partner (Hotel Properties, B&Bs, Restaurants, Pub & Bars, transportation and events), for a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition, as our partner, you will have access to our world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System”. Therefore, you can develop and grow your business with an ultimate goal of improving your bottom line with this revolutionary system. In conclusion, this is truly a Travel Industry breakthrough!

And finally, XcelTrip commits to spend 2% of Its net income for the global charitable cause through the XcelTrip Foundation.