Shadow Player Youth Basketball Training System

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Coach “Z” on the Training System



Traditional Chair & Cone Gets Replaced!


The Shadow Player Drill Towers (representing players on the court) replace the traditional chair and cone, used by thousands of basketball  coaches around the country for many, many years and they do MUCH more!  The new Shadow Player Drill Towers “change the game” for basketball coaches, trainers and players and offer the following advantages:

 * Unmatched Portability with Custom Carrying Bag (5 Drill Towers in Each Bag)

* Light-weight Design (Much Lighter Than Cones & Chairs)

* Durable Hybrid Plastic Material

* Sturdy Structure on Court (Stable Structure Engineering)

* Easy Set-up & Breakdown (Velcro Connectors – Drill Towers Break Down

* Flat & Slide Into Custom Bag (See Product Info. Page for set-up demo)

* Multi-functional Designed Drill Towers (Plyometric Jumping) 



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